Monday, December 28, 2015

Dino Onesie

 This is me holding a Tri Force Heroes game . I opened it as one of my presents during like the very beginning of opening the presents. My brother also got one to as a present.
Here we go. This Dinosaur Onesie is cool and all but it is very uncomfortable especially in the feet because when you move your feet the feet of the onesie like doesn't move,so your feet are always in the tip of the onesie foot.

Saturday, November 7, 2015


Yes we have FOUR dogs. Mom says that you can't have more dogs than kids. This dogs name is Spot ( Mom named him that.)
He is a cute dog even though he bit me three times ( I'm ok.)
Just look at him he's sooooo cute. He's adorable. OMG so cute. #Cuteness overload.
He's a jack russell terrier chihuahua mix.
This was the first day we got him. At first I thought Jenny was going to adopt him, but it turns out that we got him instead. :)

Friday, October 16, 2015

more about the pumpkin patch

On Saturday my mom and I went to the Cool Kid Pumpkin Patch.  The first thing we did was the corn maze.  Admission was $12.  We went up to the stand and my mom dropped a $20 bill and I said ‘free money’ and pointed to the $20 and my mom said, ‘maybe somebody dropped it’ and gave it to some random dude named Phil who said, ‘oh, yeah, maybe I dropped it,’ but he didn’t drop the $20 bill.  As my mom realized as we got out of the corn maze as we were buying the snow cones.  Mom had reached into her pocked and her $20 bill was missing and she said, ‘oh, yeah, maybe I did drop that.’

So, we had gotten the maps and mine was marked in pen, mom’s wasn’t.  And mom said we were cheating and I said, ‘no, we would probably get lost’, so we followed the path that was in pen, only to realize we had skipped some important information on the page that said, ‘Read before starting!’  And we were like, oh, well, too late.  The important information said, go to the left for the intermediate route and go to the right for the expert route, and the path was marked to the right so we had accidentally gone on the expert route.  The difference between the two was the expert route took longer and went around the thing and the intermediate route went on the inside.  They said the intermediate route took an hour and the expert route took two hours.  Well, they were absolutely wrong.  Because it took us only and an hour and eleven minutes to finish the expert route.  I think the only reason why it only took us one hour and eleven minutes was because some of it was in pen, otherwise I think it would have taken us an hour and thirty minutes.

One of the rules said, ‘do not litter’ and what did we see in the first five minutes?  Litter!  Another few rules were, ‘do not pick the corn, do not make your own path, and do not call the number 911 if you get lost!’

There were markers that were scattered around the place and there were latitude and longitude and they were all the way to the letters A to Z, AA to OO and numbers 1-35.  So when we got to the end of the pen path, we had to start looking at the map, looking at directions and planning them out.  Then, basically repeat that until we got to the end.  Then, after we got to the second platform, The USS Indy, we had this huge path to get down to the third one, I can’t remember what that one was called, and there was one in the very middle that you never had to go to unless you went on the intermediate route called Starbucks Station.  We thought you could buy Starbuck’s there.  The platform was green.  The other three were, light blue, blue or indigo and red. 

At the end of the corn maze we bought some snow cones and ate them for a while and we saw our neighbor Tito Uquillas, who plays in the band The Hipwaders, who played at the Cook Kid Pumpkin Patch.  There was also this Bar B Que going on but we didn’t really care.  There was also this Corn Bath but we didn’t want to go there.  There was this film crew there and they were shooting a movie and I think they were professional.  They had a drone there and they closed down an area.  We wanted to go to the pumpkin launcher where we could shoot pumpkins at a car, but it was closed down because of the film crew.  And mom got really mad because it was closed down.  She was like, ‘oh, why is the film crew more important than us?’

Then we got in the car and went back home and that was when my mom and I went to the Cool Kid Pumpkin Patch

Saturday, October 3, 2015

Cool Patch Corn Maze

This was us at the start of the corn maze.

I can't remember where this was but it was somewhere in the corn maze. I think it was 10 minutes into the maze.
This was when we got to the first sort of checkpoint. I was pointing to another checkpoint.
This was the 3rd checkpoint. At this point I was tired and annoyed.
It took us 1 hour and 11 minutes to finish the maze. It was supposed to take us 2 hours.
Mom bought herself and me shaved ice and both got the watermelon flavor.

Sunday, September 27, 2015

Dry Ice

 My mom had some extra dry ice from an experiment that she did with her class. So she brought it home and I wanted to do some experiments at home. So my mom and I did some experiments with the dry ice.

 My mom brought out this cup and filled it with water and one piece of dry ice. Then a ton of bubbles came out and it was cool. I used these tongs to pick up the bubbles.

 Here I was lighting up a match.

I kept burning myself in the process of lighting the candle, but I am fine.

Sunday, August 30, 2015

The Dogs

Current Lily. Lilly is fine even though she isn't as energized as she used to be. She still licks people's faces. She also likes to roll around in the dirt and she gets stuff stuck in her fur.
This Is Current Star. He is also doing ok, in the last 2 months Star has learned how to use the dog door. He is still a big baby, and he will always be.

Sorry I don't have a picture of Harper. 
She would bite me.

Saturday, August 22, 2015

The first week of school

My first week of school was kind of boring.  We really didn't do much.  My teacher's name is Miss Matthews and I don't like her because she gave me homework on the first day.  We have PE on Tuesday and Friday.  We have band or music on Tuesday.  I am going to do band because I did it last year.  I am going to play the trumpet.  Some things we are going to learn about this year in Social Studies, we are going to stop at the fall of Rome and start at the Ice Age.  In Science we are going to switch classes and I'm not exactly sure what we are going to learn about.  My teacher isn't going to teach science, which mom is really upset about because she is a science teacher and she loves science.

The school lunches are bad.  On Friday they didn't have the peanut butter sandwiches that they said they would have, but instead they had bologna sandwiches.  At first I took off the cheese because I don't like cheese and then I took a few bites and I tried it with the cheese.  I didn't really taste a difference.  And I finished eating the cheese.  This year I am going to take lunches from home some days.  Every single Monday and it alternates every single week between Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday because there isn't any food that I like, but I probably could eat them.  My mom got me the grape jelly Uncrustables.

I'm glad it's the weekend and that was the first week of school and my teacher is going to go into teacher mode and bore everybody to death!